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          2. Tin tức Bitcoinhọc tiếng Trung onlineyoga Viet Nam

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                    Tin tức bitcoinhọc tiếng Trung onlineyoga Viet Nam


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                    郑州外贸网站建设案例Findnutra biotechnology Inc,

                    郑州外贸网站建设案例Findnutra biotechnology Inc,

                    郑州外贸网站建设案例Findnutra biotechnology Inc,





                     郑州网站建设公司 七彩科技咨询热线:


                    Findnutra biotechnology Inc, specializes in the manufacture, marketing, research, development, distribution and commercialization of Herbal Extract, Nutritional and healthcare supplement, dietary supplement, functional additives, as well as intermediates and API’s.
                    With its head office in Shanghai, China, Findnutra was established by a group of result-oriented healthcare and pharmaceutical global professionals committed to supply high quality raw and finished materials in the fields of Healthcare & Nutritious functional supplements,  Foods & Beverages,  Agricultural & Animal Biotechnology Science, Medicine & Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Environmental Science in North and South America, Europe, The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), India and North Asia.
                    Findnutra team also consists of sales engineers and qualified laboratory technicians that offer our customers and strategic partners world-class quality products, sourcing, distribution services in a wide range of applications.
                    ·Findnutra also provides COA’S, Technical Data Sheets, MSDS, GMO Statements, BSE Statements, Allergen Reports and various testing methods upon request. We strictly follow the GMP regulations for the dietary supplement industry and are Kosher Certified.Findnutra also provides our customers with proprietary formulas and custom blending.

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