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                          郑州网站建设 郑州网站设计 郑州网站制作 郑州网站建设公司 郑州做网站 网站地图

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                          郑州外贸网站建设案例 Green Art

                          郑州外贸网站建设案例 Green Art

                          郑州外贸网站建设案例   Green Art






                           郑州网站建设公司 七彩科技咨询热线:


                          Green Art lighting is a manufacturing enterprise with national high technology, the company devotes to researching and developing new products with advanced technology, and has rich experience in the field of commercial lighting and residential lighting.

                             "Being strict with quality, producing top-quality products", adhering to this faith, all designs of our products abide by Electric Security Standard of Europe and America.
                              Through scientific matching and design for lamp, light source and electrical equipment, Green Art do the best to improve the lighting effect, reduce energy intensity and increase product's service life, to providi
                          ng customers with the best lighting solutions, as well as supporting environmental protection and comprehensive energy saving. 

                              Green Art Lighting own full sets of advanced professional manufacturing equipments and inspection equipment, together with high level of technology talented person, a variety of LED lamps produced here pass the international CE, RoHS, FCC certifications. With good reputation, we establish friendly relationship of cooperation with many different companies from South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries, and become their long-term trusted partner step by step.

                             In the future, Green Art Lighting will promote the development and application of advanced lighting technology, carry out our faith and promise with expert spirit! Green Art is always ready to provide customers with the best service!!

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